J. Robert Douglass, PhD

By Dr. Rob Douglass

As we celebrate and remember the life of Luke Keefer, the word legacy has been used frequently.  And while I think it is completely appropriate, I also think it would make Luke blush.

Legacy is a loaded word.  It is usually reserved for referring to the lasting impact of the famous, influential, or wealthy, and by the world’s standards Luke was none of those.  Instead, Luke Keefer was a simple man.

By calling Luke simple, I am not saying that he wasn’t an intellectual or that there weren’t many sides to him.  I am saying that Luke Keefer was simple like God is simple.

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L. Daniel Hawk, PhD


Today, we bring you a message by Dr. Dan Hawk. The message was recorded on Wednesday March 18, 2015 during our Seminary Chapel.

When it comes to Old Testament scholarship and theology, Dr. Hawk is an expert. He is also an excellent communicator, able to make complex issues of theology accessible to those in his classroom. Students find Dr. Hawk to be kind, compassionate, and a compelling teacher.

Dr. Hawk is married to his beautiful wife, Linda, and they have two wonderful sons, Danny and Andrew.

Text: Ruth 2:1-18

Dr. Dan Hawk is Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Ashland Theological Seminary

Will Gravitt-1

Mr. Will Gravitt

By Will Gravitt

I remember a story my pastor told about an old farmer and his first time in an airplane. The farmer was offered a ride by the pilot of a single engine crop-duster. Initially, he declined. The pilot was eventually able to persuade the farmer to join him. Crop-dusting is a crazy business. The pilot and the farmer were up and down, round and round. The farmer was white-knuckled throughout the entire flight.

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William Payne Portrait

William Payne, PhD

By Dr. Bill Payne

In Titus 2:2-4, Paul says that “the old women should behave themselves with reverence and not gossip or drink too much. They should give a good example, teach the young women to love their husbands and their children, remain judiciously pure, be keepers of the home, remain full of kindness and be subject to their husbands.”

On the surface, this sounds very sexist and is out of step with our modern world. After all, American society values gender equality. I also value gender equality because the spirit and teaching of the NT establishes this ideal. In the church, the cultural categories that diminish women should be reconsidered in the light of the gospel message that tells us that all are one in Christ (Gal 3:28). As such, I do not believe that American women need to follow Paul’s exhortation as if it were a universal law to be mimicked.

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Amy Davies

Amy Davies

By Amy Davies

Have you become the person that God has created you to be? Are you walking in your divine destiny? Some of us have graduated from seminary more recently than others, and yet, it is good to evaluate our ministry and our relationship with God to see if we are walking in the path that He has prepared and ordained for us. There is a process that we have to go through to become the men and women that God created us to be.

Seminary has been an essential part of our process of becoming who we were created to be. However, this process needs to be ongoing, ensuring that we are taking every opportunity to increase our wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Scriptures and the ways of the Lord. One of the most important aspects of walking in your divine destiny is being content with who God created you to be. When you begin to see yourself through God’s eyes, from His divine perspective, you will begin to walk boldly in your unique calling.

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