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DJuana Drew

By DJuana Drew

Some would say yes, but I say no.  Let me explain.

To change can mean to make the form or nature of something different than it was previously.  I can change my mind, change clothes, change direction and change my behavior.  An animal called a chameleon can change its color to match its background, making itself invisible to predators.  People change jobs, partners, cars, their minds, cell phone carriers and a myriad of other things in their lives.  Interestingly enough, the word transformation is used to define the word change (when the word “into” is added).  I believe the word transformation suggests a deeper meaning.

If one simply looks at the dictionary definition, the words change and transform are almost interchangeable.  The word change is used to define the word transform.  In either definition, a difference occurs because something that was one way has become something else.  So what, you ask?  Thank you for asking that question!

Paul says in Romans 12:1-2 that a transformation can occur if we choose to renew our minds.

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PaulChilcote by Dr. Paul W. Chilcote

Women have always outnumbered men in the church. That does not mean men or women have acknowledged the role and influence of female disciples and leaders. Given the fact that men have dominated the ranks of historians through the past two millennia of Christian history, it should be no surprise that men and their interests have shaped the written history of the church. Nonetheless, women have shaped the church and continue to do so today in remarkable ways. During the lifetime of most reading this article, moreover, greater attention and concern has been given to this “lost history” of women. Whether you realize it or not, it is highly likely that your own vision of the Christian faith, your experience of God, and your efforts to be a faithful disciple of Jesus reflect the influence of famous and even unknown women. Women, as well as men, are called by God, and those callings often come at great cost.

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