Mr. Miles Larson

By Miles Larson

As advent is fast approaching, I was reminded how much more contemplative I become during this time of year.  The changing weather forces me to retreat into my own mind and thoughts.  Lately, the concept of calling has been frequently on my mind, and I remember when I was considering seminaries not so long ago.  It can seem expensive, daunting and if you’ve been out of school for any period of time may seem unreasonable.

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Leslie edit (2) (3)By Leslie Marshall, MA, LPCC-S

How did you communicate 10 years ago? How about when you were 4, 8 or 12 years old? For many of us, that would be a formidable journey down what may be a rocky memory lane.

Today we communicate by using our words, logic, and rationale (hopefully); however, for children, this type of conversation may resemble a foreign language or sound like the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher.  Then, to make the communication gap even wider, the brain does not function properly in the midst of stress or when trying to recall a situation that evokes strong emotions, resulting in a “tuning out” to logical conversations.  Here at Directions Counseling Group, we apply the therapeutic power of play to communicate with and treat children.

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