Podcast: Convocation Chapel by Seminary President John C. Shultz, Ph.D.

John Schultz

Dr. John C. Shultz, Seminary President

Editor’s Note:

In 1981, Dr. Shultz was hired at Ashland Theological Seminary as the first counseling professor. Over the years, he was a key component in local counseling, founding Cornerstone Psychological Affiliates and co-founding Appleseed Counseling and Case Management.

Since 2006, Dr. Shultz has served as President of Ashland Theological Seminary. Under his leadership, ATS has increased focus on its urban centers in Detroit, Cleveland, and Columbus, resulting in growth at each location. The importance of the spiritual life of students is always foremost in Dr. Shultz’s thoughts, as is his commitment to making a seminary education more affordable and accessible for those responding to that particular call from God.

In his own walk with Christ, Dr. Shultz has been influenced by a variety of professors and authors, as well as ATS’ own Formational Prayer Seminars. Overall, Ashland Theological Seminary has been a place of transformation for him, a place that fosters the ongoing movement of truth from the head to the heart. Having been involved with ATS in some capacity for over three decades, Dr. Shultz finds that the Spirit-filled atmosphere of the seminary makes it impossible not to be dramatically changed.

When he was an undergrad at Ashland College, Dr. Shultz had the good fortune to meet his lovely wife, Jeanie. They have two grown children, Nate and Megan, who each have their own families and have blessed the Shultzes with four grandchildren.

Dr. Shultz’s hobbies include woodworking, hunting, fishing, and music. No matter the sport, Dr. Shultz is a faithful Pittsburgh fan, whether the Penguins, Pirates, or Steelers are playing. He and Jeanie are also involved in their church family at 5 Stones Community Church, where Dr. Shultz serves as an elder and is an advocate providing encouragement to those who are getting started in ministry.


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