Podcast: When (and When Not) to Tremble

overland-heroWelcome to The Table Podcast!

Today, we bring you a sermon preached by our own Dr. Paul Overland. The message was recorded on Wednesday January 14, 2015 during our Seminary Chapel.

Dr. Overland’s gentle spirit and incredible kindness are the first thing one notices upon meeting him, and a certain depth marks his interactions with others. He has a love for the Hebrew Scriptures, and his desire as a professor is to awaken that same appreciation in his students. Through his classes, students deepen their ability to hear God’s voice in His Word.

Both Dr. Overland and his wife, Lorie, spent a portion of their childhood years in Japan. Upon completion of a doctoral program, they returned for two wonderful years to join the Tokyo Biblical Seminary faculty. Due to their time overseas, the Overlands have a deep appreciation for the richness of Asian culture.

Outside of his position at ATS, Dr. Overland is drawn to adventure, filling his free time with cycling, backpacking and woodworking.

Paul Overland PhD is Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Ashland Theological Seminary. 


  1. Dr. Overland warned about the danger of seeking significance through impressing others with our scholarly knowledge and accomplishments. He said if that happens, “You won’t leave my course in awe of God. You might leave my course in awe of me. And if that’s what happens, you should get your money back.” What a joy to grow in awe of God as a result of studying with Dr. Overland.

  2. Wow, how I’ve missed chapel at ATS since graduating. So blessed to be able to receive this podcast. Thanks for the uplifting message and reminder to focus on all of Who God is.

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